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(OMG I can't believe I can still post topics about Gundam 00) (oh look I can use the 00 icon!)

Maybe I just grew out of Gundam but 00 was the last Gundam series I watched. I liked Marina at first sight and despite being one of the most useless main heroine EVER I still liked her. I don't like the fact that she was ignored for about 80% of the series but I still liked her.

So naturally I was suckered into buying this ebook...

This is basically a recap of the movie in manga form. And seriously, really, I only bought it because the cover and the first few pages of preview suggested it was a recap of the movie with the main focus on Marina's untold side of story. Otherwise I wouldn't even have touched it, because just the few pages of preview was enough to tell that the drawings were rigid, and story badly told.

So I bought the ebook. I was right about the drawing and storytelling, I was not right about story focusing on Marina. OTL

It pretty much recited the movie verbatim. It did have an extra scene in the beginning about Marina (which happened to conveniently included into the sample pages) and have a slightly different representation of the ending, as you can tell with the sample page I took off of my table above.

No they did not get marry. Setsuna still became a metallic alien and Marina was still old when they finally reunited just like the movie. However in the manga when they reunited, Marina turned into her younger self as they said the final lines of the series: "We finally understand each other".

I'm sure it's not that she magically turned into her young self again. I think that's probably how Setsuna sees her. Forever beautiful.

And that in itself probably made up for the 98% of rigid drawing of manga that I had to suffer through. orz Oh gawd it was NOT GOOD. But if you are a Setsuna x Marina fan and don't mind rigidly drawn manga I would recommend you buy it if you have the chance.

(a of course someone has helpfully put the last few touching pages on Tumblr)