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Whut*Nani Issue 12

Includes Chapter 11 of What Happens in Carpediem!

Get it on our official website: http://whutnani.piggyhoho.net


How to Shop Otaku Part 1: E-books

Having been an otaku all my life and lived in Japan for a good year I kind of know my way around the net to get my hands on what I want.

And yes, knowing three languages help. But face it, even if you know Japanese, there are online shops in Japan that simply doesn't do foreigner's business. Most of them don't ship to oversea and some of them don't even accept foreign credit cards.

But nevertheless, there are still ways. And I hope to share some of them with you.

Part 1: E-BooksCollapse )
(OMG I can't believe I can still post topics about Gundam 00) (oh look I can use the 00 icon!)

Maybe I just grew out of Gundam but 00 was the last Gundam series I watched. I liked Marina at first sight and despite being one of the most useless main heroine EVER I still liked her. I don't like the fact that she was ignored for about 80% of the series but I still liked her.

So naturally I was suckered into buying this ebook...

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For those who follows me on Twitter or Tumblr or DA you'd know this already. QwQ;

I've been kind of ignoring my LJ. With Twitter and Tumblr and other stuff it's really too many social media accounts to keep up with |||orz

Nevertheless this is what I've been up to lately:

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And of course speaking of what I've been up to, we're always pumping out new issues of Whut*Nani! Get Issue 11 here!

I actually hope to post more stuff here. ;_; BL manga review and all that...PLEASE BARE WITH ME!

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